Month: March 2020

Relationships on a Tight Budget

There is no shame in falling on hard times; we all do it at some point in our lives. But it does place a strain on relationships and the things we can do in our spare time. Looking at our bank balance and seeing a zero can often mean lots of nights spent in playing […]

Sleeping on the Move

There are few worse feelings than embarking on a trip knowing we will be absolutely ruined by the time we arrive, or setting off with the intention of sleeping and being left wide awake by external circumstances. So how do we set out with the knowledge we’ll get some decent shuteye on the way? This […]

Exercising to Aid Rest

Whilst it may seem like a no-brainer, the fact of the matter is that if we don’t exercise enough, our sleeping habits are going to be adversely affected. Our bodies need constant exercise to keep us physically and mentally in tip top condition, and also to burn off excess energy, stressors and other symptoms of […]

Exercising On Vacation

Whether we are avid gym goers or just someone who likes to do a general bit of keep fit, our exercise routines often fall to the wayside when we head on a vacation or break. Reduced access to a gym, the abundance of other uses of our time and a general feeling that we’re on […]

Signs That Your Lifestyle is Affecting Your Job

We have all had times where what is going on outside has spilled over into our day jobs. Whether it’s a child taken sick at school, waiting for a contractor to call about a leaking boiler, or having had a little too much to drink on a school night, we’ve all been guilty. But most […]

Balancing Real World Relationships Against Social Media

We’re definitely moving more towards a world where interactions on social media play a larger part in friendships than ever before. Birthday cards are replaced by a Whatsapp message. We can instantly organise a night out in a Facebook messenger group, and we can call and chat to friends and family thousands of miles away. […]

Trying a Working Vacation

This may sound like absolute hell, but a working vacation for those who are able to take their craft with them is a great way to not only switch up the workplace a little bit, but also enjoy a cheap or even free vacation. Upsetting the midpoint between working and relaxing will never feel so […]

Tips for Exercising Before Bed

Winding down before bedtime can be quite a chore, especially if we have always historically had problems falling asleep. However, whilst exercise is a great way to get the body pumped up and ready for action, is also a great way, if utilised correctly, to get us nodding off and sleeping peacefully. If cardiovascular and […]

The Power of Friends to Help De-stress

They say a problem shared is a problem halved. This is particularly true when we are suffering from stressful situations. Our friends can, and should want to help, but we often push them away without realising, or intentionally. We then have no option but to fight the rest of the battle ourselves. For that reason […]

Identifying Stress Symptoms

Every single one of us, without exception, will encounter stressors in our lives. They may hit us suddenly or they may creep in over time, but they will manifest themselves and by this time the battle has been made ten times harder. But it is possible, and therefore important, recognise and combat the symptoms when […]